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Sister to Sister Ministry

This group of women consists of the females within our church. The ultimate goal is to establish a strong bond among each other. The ministry will help members develop a strong and positive network which will further enhance their Christian growth. There are a lot of things women are expected to know and do. This group (especially the older women) should find these avenues and be willing to steer the younger ladies in the right direction. We are dedicated to implementing ways to teach women Christian values and serve as mentors, by making suggestions, conducting open forums, or whatever means necessary to bring more women to Christ and increase awareness. We simply exemplify bible-based teachings, leading by example in giving, helping the sick, attending to the needs of widows, orphans, shut-in, and all who may be in need.   


Mother Sallie Burk

Mother Marie Branton

Mother Bernice Holliday

Mother Malinda Harris

Mother Doris Farmer

Mother Luetta Thompson

Mother Annie Kilpatrick

Mother Brenda Gay

Prophetess Tawana Burk-Smith

Sister Ferronda Burke

Sister Geraldine Carter

Sister Anna J. Williams

Sister Rose Burney

Sister Rose Sutton

Sister Wendy Farmer

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